Behind The Camera

With A Background In Interior Design, I Love New Creative Ideas.

Unlike some photographers, I enjoy hearing about your brainstorms for our sessions together. I am invigorated by beauty. I get all giddy inside when the evening sun glows deep orange and creates a dreamy photograph. And, of course, I get pumped about the new people and opportunities photography brings.

Currently working from a stone farmhouse in Lititz Pennsylvania, I am a wife to a very patient man, Kyle, and a mother of 4. I’m learning the joy, laughter, and tears children bring and get inspired to capture it all! I’m very much consumed with the everyday #momlife

I am someone who shares my opinion. If I have one, you’ll hear it. As a photographer, I am super aware of posing. I like help posing myself. You just can’t see what you look like on the other end of the camera! I try not to be awkward. But sometimes I am. I want to look cute, but sometimes I look frenzied and wonder how my leg even moved that direction? All that to say, I’m going to help you out. I want you to look and feel as natural as possible.


currently digging Mauve




lo mein followed closely by french fries, french fries, and more french fries!



Ice Cream Flavor:

brown butter almond brittle



Favorite Song You’re Embarrassed To Like:

Baby shark (doo, doo…) #momlife


I just want a little hedgehog


Trying new ethnic restaurants with my husband and watching a movie in bed

Addicted To:

Craft stores and the Target dollar bin


coffee with sweet cream creamer (perfect ratio is about 50% creamer-50% coffee)


Paris is MAGIC and Holland in the spring can’t be beat!


Honey Mustard

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